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How to Use the Resource Center


  • Add resource types and categories.
  • Go to options page and update or keep post slug.
  • Flush permalinks under settings > permalink page.
  • Select options for Resource Page Template

Adding Resources

  • Resources > Add New
  • On the sidebar select the resource format
    • Webpage
      • Acts like a blog post or use standard page template
    • Download
      • Add a file for download
    • Modal
      • Display content in a popup window
    • External link
      • Link to a specific resource or offsite page
    • Video
      • Display a video in a popup or on its own page
    • Infographic
      • Display a Infographic in a popup or on its own page
    • PDF
      • Open PDF in new tab

Setting up the Resources Page

  • Add new page
  • Select resource templates
  • Page is built to show all resources
  • The template has ACF fields to exclude specific types/categories

Using the Resource Block

  • Add new block
  • select Resources
  • Select options to:
    • display specified amount of posts
    • display posts based on inclusion/exclusion of post types/categories
    • display posts based on selection of individual posts

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